Looking for a teen-friendly crossover SUV option? Kia has one

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Does Kia make an SUV safe for teen drivers?

With the new school year officially underway, parents and students are busy juggling sports, clubs and a whole array of extracurricular activities. If your student has their driver’s license some of the strain can be lifted by handing them the keys. Every parent with a licensed driver worries about their safety, the world is unpredictable and anything can happen. But we can’t keep them locked in the house forever, though the urge is understandable. If your student is chomping at the bit for a vehicle to use, you’re probably wondering, ‘Does Kia make an SUV safe for teen drivers?’ Thanks to the experts at U.S. News & World Report, we can confidentially recommend the 2018 Kia Sportage.

“It’s fantastic Sportage is rated best for teen drivers,” Orth Hedrick, vice president, product planning, KMA, said in a press release. “Young and new drivers face many challenges on the road and we’re pleased Sportage offers the right combination of technology, safety ratings and reliability to be rated best-in-class by U.S. News & World Report.”

Why is the 2018 Sportage get picked?

When it comes to protecting the occupants of a vehicle in a crash, automakers like Kia have just about perfected their recipe. However, with the kind of technology that is available in the 21st century, crash prevention is the name of the game. One of the reasons why U.S. News & World Report picked the 2018 Kia Sportage as a great crossover SUV for new teen drivers is that the manufacturer has made a comprehensive suite of driver assistance systems available on most trims which includes sensors for blind spot monitoring, forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking and lane departure warning.

Just about every study that examines the danger newly-minted teen drivers face after they get their license to identify distractions as the cause of most accidents. Kia has responded to this information by developing a few subsystems that are contained in its infotainment software.

UVO eServices: Find My Car

Find My Car – Parents can track the location of their vehicle by logging onto a website. Knowing where your child is at all times can be a great relief for parents while kids are out on the road.

66. My Car Zone: Geo Fence Alert

Geo Fence – If there are areas where parents don’t want their teen drivers to go, the Geo Fence feature will send an alert if the Sportage (or any so-equipped Kia vehicle) leaves a predetermined area.

54. My Car Zone: Curfew Limit Alert

Curfew Limit – Kia has all but eliminated the time-honored excuse, ‘I just lost track of time.’ This element will send parents an alert showing where the vehicle is if it’s not home by the pre-set time.

55. My Car Zone: Speed Alert

Speed Alert – There is no doubting how dangerous distracted driving is but driving too fast is a very close second. Kia’s Speed Alert will send parents a notification if a vehicle exceeds a previously set limit.

You can see a demonstration of all of the previously mentioned technology while also learning more about the 2018 Kia Sportage by making an appointment with a Spitzer Kia Cleveland sales professional today.

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