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Standing as the superior choice dealership that faithfully serves the Cleveland area, we at Spitzer Kia Cleveland strive to provide the best experience for you. From picking out your new vehicle to driving off, we strive to make the process stress free for you. At our Cleveland car dealership, we make customer service and satisfaction the pinnacle of our daily operations, and we go the extra mile to ensure that the entire car buying process is easy and empowering. Let’s take a look at our finance department and discover how our Kia finance department helps Cleveland drivers drive home in the car of their dreams.

Car Lease or Car Loan?

If you’ve not yet decided whether to lease or purchase, let’s help you decide and explore how our auto finance department helps you tackle both.

A car lease is almost like a long term rental; you pick out the exact new model that you want, and you drive it for two to three years. During this three year period, you’re given a mileage limit and are charged with keeping the vehicle in good overall condition. Car lease payments are often cheaper than financing the same vehicle because a car lease only involves paying the depreciation of a vehicle, plus minor finance fees. Our Kia finance department not only helps drivers lease their dream car, but we strive to save them money through competitive prices and low payment leases.

If you choose to purchase your next vehicle, you can do so by either paying for the vehicle in cash or procuring an auto loan. With an auto loan, you pay for the entire purchase price of the vehicle. Because you’re paying for the full price, rather than the depreciation, your car payment will likely be higher than that of a lease, but you have the option of spreading the payments out over a longer period of time. Unlike a lease, where you return the vehicle once you’re done making payments, the vehicle is yours to keep once you’ve paid it off. You also have the freedom to customize it and drive as many miles as you’d like.

We strive to provide our customers with an incredible car loan with loan terms that make our customers smile. Thanks to a close relationship with Kia Motors Finance, and a network of other finance companies, our Kia finance center is able to secure incredible lease deals for our customers. Not stopping there, we help our customers enjoy easy loan payments thanks to competitive interest rates.

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Specialized Tools for Added Confidence

Our Kia Finance center doesn’t just make empty promises to make the car buying process easy, but instead, we take active steps to empower you throughout the car buying process. Ensuring you know the value of your trade-in, we’ve teamed with Kelly Blue Book® to bring you a tool that helps you determine the value of your current vehicle.

If you’re wondering what your monthly payments may look like, our Kia finance center features a helpful car payment calculator that allows you to input different loan amounts and determine what your payments may be.

Helping you shop with empowerment, we even feature a convenient online credit application that lets you get pre-approved before you ever step foot on our lot. Click here to take advantage of our pre-approval process and discover what it feels like to shop with confidence.

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At our Kia finance center, we strive to stand by our motto “Our World Revolves Around You”. When you come here, you’re not only met with outstanding customer service, but you can shop knowing that you have a plethora of empowering tools to help you shop with confidence. Whether you want to lease a savvy sports sedan like the Kia K5 or purchase a commanding SUV like the Kia Telluride, come to no other place than Spitzer Kia Cleveland.