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As the leading Cleveland car dealership, Spitzer Kia Cleveland takes enormous pride in our ability to make our customers happy. It’s our daily duty to assist our customers in realizing their dreams however possible, and our incredible finance center is an integral part of making that happen. Our dedicated Kia finance experts have years of experience in helping the citizens of Cleveland drive their dream cars. Read below to discover how we can help you today.

Car Loan Or Lease? Helping You Decide

Financing your new ride is a challenge we’ve all faced. Thankfully, our Kia finance center is well-equipped to walk you through the process of getting a new car loan or car lease. First, let’s address the elephant in the room: what are car loans and car leases, and how do they differ? If you hope to fully purchase your new ride but don’t have the money to pay its cost upfront, a car loan is what you want. The benefits of taking out a car loan are numerous.

For one, you will fully own your vehicle when you drive it off the lot. Since it’s yours, you’re able to customize your car however you like, drive it as far as you like without worrying about its mileage, sell it or trade it in for a new car if you grow tired of it. Our Kia finance experts are more than happy to negotiate the best possible loan amount, loan term and interest rate for your financial situation to ensure that your monthly payments are something to smile about.

A car lease has its own unique perks that you may find more appealing. Leasing a car means that you will not own the vehicle. Instead, you’re essentially renting it for a specified amount of time. Because you don’t own the vehicle, you aren’t expected to pay its full cost. This means that you will have lower monthly payments than if you took out a car loan. Lower monthly payments can make it possible for you to afford to drive a new car fully outfitted with the latest technology — something that would be much more expensive if you wanted to take out a car loan for the same car.

Another benefit is that you’ll never have to worry about paying for auto repair costs because your vehicle will be under warranty for the duration of your lease. Just bring your malfunctioning car into our state-of-the-art service center, and we’ll take care of the rest. We have low monthly payments available for those with good credit scores. Contact our Kia finance center or use any of our specialized tools to see where you stand.

Our Specialized Tools

Our Kia finance center offers valuable tools to help you expedite your dream of a new car. If you’re looking to trade in your current car to reduce the cost of your car loan, please check out our Kelley Blue Book® Instant Cash Offer tool. It’s the industry standard because of its ease. By filling out this simple online form, you’ll get a quality estimate for what Spitzer Kia Cleveland is happy to pay you for your vehicle today.

If you’re trying to get pre-approved for financing before coming to our Cleveland car dealership, we’ve got you covered with our secure online credit application. Shortly after you fill out some basic information, an expert in auto financing will contact you to discuss the products and services we can offer you today.

If you’re curious what your monthly payments may be for a car loan you’re interested in, check out our handy auto payment calculator. By entering the loan amount, loan term, interest rate, down payment and trade-in value of your old car, it will quickly estimate your monthly payments. For more precise estimates, visit our Kia finance center at your earliest convenience.

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Our motto, “Our World Revolves Around You,” is what makes us the premier Cleveland car dealership. For more information and top-notch service, visit the savvy auto financing experts here at the Spitzer Kia Cleveland finance center.

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