Brake Service and Repair

Brake Service and Repair

Kia Brake Service and Repair, Kia Service Cleveland

Brake Service at Spitzer Kia Cleveland

Spitzer Kia Cleveland is dedicated to providing top customer service at all stages of car ownership. From the moment customers step into the dealership, the sales staff works hard to make them feel like family. When drivers bring their vehicles in for routine maintenance or other repairs, the service center does the same.

The dedication to customers lives on in the Spitzer Shield, the complimentary package that includes a powertrain warranty, a price guarantee, and other customer-focused features. Because of Spitzer’s concern for customers, every new and used vehicle comes with the Spitzer Shield.

The customer service benefits also extend into the service departments, where the factory-trained technicians promise to provide the best service in the area. From oil changes to battery replacements, customers can trust that the service technicians will repair and maintain their Kia vehicles with professionalism and accuracy.

Our customer service benefits extend into our service department, where our trained and certified technicians can take care of routine maintenance like battery replacements, oil changes, and brake service as well as major repairs on the powertrain and drivetrain. At Spitzer Hyundai Cleveland, our brake repair center is here to replace and repair your vehicle’s brakes.

The Brake System

The brakes system is a complicated safety feature. When drivers press on the brake pedal, a lever activates the master cylinder to release hydraulic brake fluid that uses friction to slow the vehicle. The brake calipers squeeze the pads against the rotors, as the rotors protect the vehicle by dispersing the heat from the friction in the brake pads. All of these parts should work seamlessly to bring your vehicle to a safe stop.

Signs You Need Brake Repair

The brake system lets drivers know when it’s time for repairs. The complex system is a vital safety system, so drivers need to keep it functioning properly. One common sign that it’s time to bring your vehicle to Spitzer Kia Cleveland for brake service is a squealing or grinding noise. Aging brakes might also cause the vehicle to shake or pull to one side. If your brakes feel spongy when you press the pedal, that’s another sign that it’s time for a brake inspection. Lastly, if the Anti-Lock Brakes light brightens on your dash, your brakes need work.

Rotors and Fluid Flush

The rotors or disc brakes are vital to the system. As the calipers and pads clamp on them, the rotors help slow the vehicle. Often, rotors need to be replaced when brakes need work.

Brake systems rely on fluid to flow through the hydraulic system. With a brake system flush, technicians remove the old fluid and replace it with clean fluid that helps the brake system perform better. If vehicles have water in the brake lines, the fluid’s boiling point decreases which slows the vehicle’s ability to stop effectively, especially in hard stops.

Why Choose Spitzer Kia Cleveland for Brake Service?

At Spitzer Kia Cleveland, we understand that you have several choices for brake service. Our technicians are factory-trained and understand the nuances and technology of every Kia. The techs perform thorough inspections before replacing and repairing the brake pads, brake rotors, and brake calipers. They use genuine OEM Kia parts, so you know that everything is specially engineered just for Kia vehicles.

Our team of ASE Certified Auto Mechanics is factory-trained to provide routine maintenance and complicated repairs. They can fix everything in a Kia, from a broken taillight and electrical problem to a major transmission or powertrain problem. They use the tools and technology in our state-of-the-art auto repair center to provide outstanding service on your Kia.

When you need brake service, we invite you to drop off your vehicle or to wait in our clean and relaxing lounge area. We also have a vehicle pick-up and delivery option. Let us know what you need and a service advisor can help.

We also understand that our Kia owners have busy lives, which is why we offer several scheduling options. We offer an online scheduling option, so you can arrange your appointment with a few clicks of the mouse. We also invite you to schedule over the phone or drop in if your vehicle needs immediate care. We also invite customers to check our website regularly for service specials and coupons, as we update those frequently. Our goal is to provide the best service and to help you keep your Kia safely on the road.

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