My Check Engine Light is On! Now What?

My Check Engine Light is On! Now What?

Check Engine Light FAQs

Why Should you Service Your Vehicle at Spitzer Kia Cleveland?

Your check engine light is your vehicle’s way of telling you that something is wrong. However, this unwelcoming light isn’t an indicator to panic, but instead, means that you should come visit our service center at your earliest convenience.

At Spitzer Kia Cleveland, we feature a team of professionals who know your vehicle from bumper to bumper. Each of our technicians is ASE certified and trained to diagnose, service and repair any issue your vehicle may have.

Ensuring that your Kia gets back on the road with the same performance and reliability that you expect, we use genuine Kia replacement parts.

We even feature money-saving specials to help you save money on your most important maintenance services.

Come with us as we answer your burning questions about check engine lights and why Spitzer Kia Cleveland is the only service facility you should trust in Cleveland, OH to handle your vehicle’s service and repair needs.

What Does a Check Engine Light Mean?

There are hundreds of reasons why your check engine light could come on. From a loose gas cap, to a failed catalytic converter, the list of malfunctions that can trigger your check engine light are expansive. This is why it’s important to bring your vehicle in for diagnosis at your earliest convenience.

While there isn’t a way for your vehicle to tell you exactly what’s wrong with it, it does have a way of telling you whether or not it’s an emergency, and that’s a flashing check engine light. If your Kia check engine light is flashing, that means that your vehicle is having a more serious malfunction that inhibits its driving abilities. If your check engine light is blinking or clashing, visit our service center right away.

Once your vehicle is here, we’ll connect to its on board diagnostics system where our technicians will decipher the fault code.

What Happens if you Ignore Check Engine Light?

Ignoring your vehicle’s check engine light can lead to even bigger problems down the road. For example, if your water pump fails, that may trigger a check engine light. Continuing to drive with the failed water pump can cause your engine to quickly overheat–leading to significant damage.

If the failed water pump were addressed as soon as it failed, that would potentially be the only component that needed to be replaced. However, because the hypothetical engine was ran with a defective water pump and significant damage occurred, now other components need to be replaced such as the head gasket.

If your check engine light comes on, be sure to bring it in for service ASAP!

How Often Do You Need a Check Engine Light Service? How Do I Prevent Check Engine Lights?

A check engine light is a dashboard light that you never want to come on in your vehicle. While some malfunctions are out of your control, one of the best ways to prevent your check engine light from illuminating is proper maintenance.

Properly maintained vehicles tend to experience less problems over their lifetime than those that have been neglected.

Are Genuine Parts Really That Important?

Aftermarket parts are not made to the same quality and safety standards as Genuine Kia Parts. Not only do they tend to fail prematurely, but they also need to be replaced much sooner than genuine parts. Aftermarket parts typically don’t come with a warranty because of their shaky quality. Because aftermarket parts are made by various manufacturers, there’s no telling the effect they’ll have toward the performance and reliability of your vehicle.

However, genuine Kia parts are guaranteed to fit your Kia and continue the performance and reliability that you expect from your Kia. Each part is even backed by a limited warranty for total peace of mind.

Schedule your check engine light service with the experts here at Cleveland Kia and get your car back on the road in its best condition!

Why Should I Trust Spizter Kia Cleveland?

Spitzer Kia Cleveland has a team of professional technicians who are ASE certified, trained and equipped to handle any issue that might arise with your vehicle.

At Spitzer Kia Cleveland, we use genuine Kia replacement parts for your vehicle, so that you can get back on the road with the same performance and reliability you expect from your vehicle.

Trust our Kia dealership in Cleveland, OH today to get your Kia back on the road!

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