How does Kia Smart Cruise Control Work?

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Visual representation of the Kia Smart Cruise Control with Stop and Go

How Does Kia Smart Cruise Control Work?

Comfortable Drives Start Here: Let Kia Smart Cruise Help

There’s no denying that driving can get tiring—so let your Kia model handle the tough parts for you with Kia Smart Cruise Control. Like the name implies, this feature elevates your standard cruise control to new levels while helping you avoid the white knuckles that form from the frustrations of driving in 5 pm rush hour traffic. But, how does Kia Smart Cruise Control work? Not to worry, as today, we have answers with an in-depth guide—so stick with us, and don’t forget to stop by Spitzer Kia Cleveland to test drive a model with this adaptive cruise control feature to see how you can upgrade your commutes and road trips.

What Is Kia Smart Cruise Control?

First things first—what exactly is Kia Smart Cruise Control? In short, this system is a cruise control feature that makes driving feel near-effortless. Simply set the speed and distance you wish to keep from traffic ahead, and your Kia vehicle handles the throttle for you, even slowing down with vehicles ahead and coming to a full stop when needed. It’s an amazing tool for those days when you want to give your foot a rest or you’re trying to drive within the speed limit.

Start Relaxed Drives: How to Use Kia Smart Cruise Control

To get started with Kia Smart Cruise Control, begin by pressing the Cruise button on your steering wheel. Then, hit the “Set” button when you’re at a speed you want to continue following. Next, hit the “Distance” button on your steering wheel to adjust how far you’ll keep from detected vehicles ahead (by default, this setting will always be the maximum distance from vehicles in front of you). When traffic slows to a stop for more than three seconds, hit the “Resume” button on your steering wheel or tap your accelerator, and your Kia vehicle will get back to speed and continue your drive for you.

Which Kia Models Feature this Innovative Technology?

Most vehicles in the current Kia lineup feature Kia Smart Cruise Control as a standard or available feature. For example, when you cruise with the 2021 Kia Stinger, all models allow you to cruise with Kia Smart Cruise Control. Meanwhile, vehicles like the Kia K5 and Kia Seltos will require an upgrade from the base model. For more details on which vehicles pack this adaptive cruise control system, feel free to ask a member of our team, and we’ll help in any way possible.

Removing Stress from Driving (and Shopping): Visit Spitzer Kia Cleveland

When you’re ready to take it easier during your drives, visit us at Spitzer Kia Cleveland and test drive any of our models that feature Kia Smart Cruise Control to feel how this innovative feature will enhance your commutes, road trips, Sunday drives, and more. While you’re here, we’re happy to help you in any way possible, even showing you in person how this system works if you’re curious—we look forward to your visit.

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