How does Kia Smart Cruise Control Work?

September 12th, 2018 by

Tech in vehicles gets better every year – but one of the latest must-have features is a cruise control system that can slow down or speed up on its own. Interested in having this feature in your next vehicle? Sounds like you should look into a new Kia! Take a look below to learn about how Kia Smart Cruise Control works!

Video Example of Kia Smart Cruise Control

How do you turn on Kia Smart Cruise?

  • First, you must turn on your cruise control system, much as you would in any other car.
  • Push cruise to turn system on
  • Cruise light will illuminate
  • Accelerate to desired speed
  • Press set button
  • Set button on instrument cluster should illuminate
  • Take foot off the gas pedal

To activate Kia Smart Cruise, you need to press the button that looks like a car with a few lines behind it (pictured right). You can cycle through four levels of distance to maintain by pressing it additional times. The distances vary depending on what speed you’re going, but a vehicle traveling approximately 55 mph will have distances that are roughly 170 feet, 130 feet, 105 feet, and 80 feet.

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