Is synthetic oil a good idea for my car? That’s a strong possibility

September 12th, 2018 by

The importance of keeping fresh oil in your car’s engine cannot be oversold. An analogy comparing the oil in a vehicle’s engine to the blood in a person’s body is more apt than you might think. The primary function of motor oil is to keep metal parts lubricated so they don’t actually touch and break something very expensive to replace. One of the biggest advances in automotive technology that is also not very well understood is synthetic oil. In fact, this is such a mystery, our service department wanted to make sure you know exactly what you’re dealing with. If you’re wondering, “Do I have to use synthetic oil in my car,” we have an answer for you.

Like most things involving automotive care and maintenance, you should always follow the recommendations in your vehicle’s owner’s manual. Anyone with questions about what type of oil is best for their vehicle should visit the Spitzer Kia Cleveland Service Department.

What is synthetic oil?

Synthetic and conventional oil both start by being pulled out of the ground and sent to the refinery for manufacturing. However, synthetic oil goes through a few extra steps before it’s bottled up and stocked on shelves. Making synthetic oil actually involves breaking the oil down to its component molecules, combining them with special additives and taking out additional impurities. The very nature of the changes are why synthetic oils are such an improvement over conventional motor oil.

Benefits of synthetic oil?

The two main reasons why synthetic oils are superior to conventional oils are a cleaner engine as well as a power plant that is more protected. As oil breaks down, it leaves contaminants along its path. These are strained out of the oil by the filter. By using synthetic oil, it takes much longer for the oil to break down to this point – mostly because it contains fewer impurities, to begin with. Additionally, because synthetic oil is cleaner it protects the engine better and allows ad owner to go longer between oil changes.

Arguably the most important element to using synthetic oil is how it is able to protect and engine across a wider range of temperatures. We all understand how a cold Ohio winter can take a toll on a vehicle. Using a synthetic oil will be better for standing up to these cold conditions. The same can be said about the heat, but that is less of a concern in our area.

The Spitzer Kia Cleveland Service Department always follows the best practices for maintenance laid out by the manufacturer for any vehicle we service. If you want to make sure your vehicle stays in good health for as long as possible, make an appointment to see us today.

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