Next year could bring big things for popular Kia wagon

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Does the Kia Soul have all-wheel-drive?

It doesn’t take an automotive expert to identify the Kia Soul on the road. The uniquely-shaped wagon has been one of the most popular vehicles to be available inside of the Spitzer Cleveland Kia showroom. Since the day it arrived, it has been able to compete with larger (and more expensive) crossover SUVs from other automakers without compromising on the very things that helped set it apart from the pack in the first place. When new customers of Spitzer Cleveland Kia are considering a new vehicle purchase, it’s pretty common for them to ask, ‘Does the Kia Soul have all-wheel-drive?’ The current iteration does not, but that could be changing in the very near future.

A new Soul for 2019?

Leading automotive magazine, Car and Driver, posted some spy shots and few estimates of what could be coming down the road for the next version of the Kia Soul. The magazine posted a story on its Twitter page showing what appears to be the next generation Kia Soul covered up so too many things aren’t revealed. One of the pieces of news that Car and Driver reveals is that whatever comes of the new Kia Soul, it will share a basic platform with a new subcompact Kia vehicle in what looks to be the automaker’s move to a global architecture model.

Among the implications on the surface of a new version of the Soul being tested on a snow-covered track is that it will have all-wheel-drive available. Not only will this be great for drivers who have to brave the less-than-ideal driving conditions posed by a winter along the Great Lakes, but it will also likely translate into a boost in performance.

Currently, there are two engines available for the Kia Soul, a 130-horsepower, 1.6-liter, four-cylinder engine as well as a turbocharged version making as much as 200 horsepower. Additionally, the Car and Driver article suggests that the manufacturer could add an electric motor to the rear axle to help turn the rear wheels. Again, this is all speculation. But given the reputation of the staff at Car and Driver, it seems like a safe bet to make.

Stay tuned to the Spitzer Kia Cleveland Blog for more updates about the changes that may be coming for the Kia Soul. The Chicago Auto Show is about a week away, there is almost always some exciting news to come out of that venue.

Could @Kia’s next-gen Soul gain an all-wheel-drive option?

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