Why are Oil and Filter Changes Important?

Why are Oil and Filter Changes Important?

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Spitzer Kia Cleveland Makes Oil Changes Easy

One of the most important routine maintenance services for your vehicle is regular oil changes. Maintaining your engine’s oil at peak performance level is the secret to keeping your car, SUV, or truck running at its best. Here at Spitzer Kia Cleveland, we make it easy to keep up with regular oil change service.

You can use our no hassle online scheduling tool or talk to a service representative over the phone to make an appointment. We are centrally located, have convenient hours for everyone, and invite you to enjoy our comfortable lounge with free Wi-Fi while your car is serviced.

Why Should I Change the Oil in My Kia?

Every vehicle has an internal combustion engine that needs engine oil to keep its parts running smoothly. Engine parts move at a high rate of speed that generates a great deal of heat and friction. The oil in the engine counteracts this by keeping these parts lubricated and cooled. If an engine runs with improper lubrication, it can lead to major problems.

After working hard for a certain period of time, engine oil gets dirty and turns to sludge. That means it’s not working properly to combat the friction and heat caused by daily engine use. It’s not enough to just add new oil to your engine. You must first get rid of the old oil so the new oil can work properly.

What Does an Oil Change Involve?

An oil change involves removing the oil that’s old and clogging up your engine, and replacing it with new motor oil.The process includes removing the oil drain plug, draining the oil pan reservoir, and removing the filter that’s also full of dirt.

After this, the oil drain plug is replaced, new motor oil is added, and a new air filter is put in place. Once this is done and they’ve replaced the oil and filter, the experts at Spitzer Kia Cleveland will double check the oil level, or amount of oil, and test for leaks or other issues.

What Are the Different Kinds of Motor Oil?

There are four main types of engine oil which are:

  • Synthetic Motor Oil—which is chemically engineered to be a purer, better performing oil. It’s great for vehicles that are constantly subjected to low and high temperature extremes
  • Synthetic Blend Oil—which works well for trucks and SUVs because it provides more protection for vehicles that carry heavy loads. It also protects vehicles from oxidation, gives better gas mileage, and is less expensive that synthetic oils
  • High Mileage Oil—which is designed for newer cars and enhanced with additives that minimize oil leaks and burn-off
  • Conventional Oil—which comes in a variety of viscosities (thicknesses) and quality levels, and is good for cars with simple engine designs and more conservative drivers
  • What Kind of Oil Does My Kia Use?

    In order to locate the oil type that’s best for your Kia, you can check the owner’s manual, or you can ask the friendly experts at the Spitzer Kia Cleveland Service Department. We have a wide assortment of oil types and brands, and the right oil for whatever vehicle you’re driving and your driving style.

    We also help you keep track of when to come in for your regular oil change appointment. Our technicians will evaluate your car and ask you questions to assess your driving habits, so they can best figure out what type of motor oil is optimal for your vehicle.

    Spitzer Kia Cleveland—the Best Spot for Oil Changes

    At Spitzer Kia, we strive to make your oil change experience as easy and painless as possible. You can schedule an appointment online or with a quick phone call. Our top-notch Service Center is centrally located and easy to find, and while you’re here, you can wait in our comfortable lounge with free Wi-Fi.

    We also offer competitive pricing and monthly and seasonal specials that can save you even more. Trust the friendly service and quality experts at Spitzer Kia for your next oil change, and keep your car in perfect running order.

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