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How does the Kia Optima handle in snow?

One of the facts of daily life in and around Cleveland is having to deal with snow-covered and icy roads every winter. Driving in these conditions takes a certain amount of skill and patience. Having a properly equipped vehicle can make a big difference as well. When people are looking through the selection of new vehicles in our showroom, it’s not uncommon for them to ask, ‘How does the Kia Optima handle in snow?’ First, this is a very astute question and one that should be considered of any vehicle a person plans to drive during winter months. Let’s take a look at why the Optima is such a strong choice.

Is front-wheel drive better on slippery roads?

There was certainly a time, not that long ago when front-wheel-drive cars had a distinct advantage or their rear-wheel-drive counterparts on snowy roads. However, the advent of traction control systems and other improvements to technology have closed the gap. As it applies to the Kia Optima and its front-wheel-drive drivetrain, the popular sedan demonstrates many strong qualities in its own right.

The main reason front-wheel-drive vehicles (like the Kia Optima) perform so well on snow and ice is all a matter of weight distribution. By having the drive wheels directly under the huge amount of weight provided by the engine, the tires are more or less forced to stay in contact with the surface – thus helping the driver maintain positive traction. Additionally, cars and crossover SUVs with front-wheel-drive are going to have better overall fuel economy scores, especially when compared to models equipped with all-wheel-drive.

Tips For Safe Winter Driving

Buying Tires for Your Vehicle

Tips for driving in snow

Regardless of what kind of drivetrain your vehicle has, there are few things to remember when driving in the winter.

  • Watch the weather – If you’re advised against traveling, it’s for a good reason.
  • Take it slow – Front-, all- or four-wheel-drive isn’t some kind of magic that will save you. Driving too fast for road conditions will almost always end poorly.
  • Monitor inflation – Your tires are your first, last and best defense against sliding out of control. Make sure your tires always have the recommended amount of air in them.
  • If you have more questions about all of the reasons why the Kia Optima is a smart buy, especially for winter driving, stop by the Spitzer Cleveland Kia showroom today.

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