How Much Can You Get from Your Trade In?

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How Much Can You Get From a Trade In?

How Much Can You Get from Your Trade In?

Get the Most from Your Trade In at Spitzer Kia Cleveland

At Spitzer Kia Cleveland, you can get top dollar for your trade in without having to go through the hassle of trying to sell your car yourself. Whether you’re using our powerful online tools that allow you to value your trade from the comfort of your own home, or you’re enjoying the five star customer service here in our Trade-In Center, there’s so many reasons to choose our dealership in Cleveland, OH.

Come with us as we explore how you can get the most for your Kia trade in and find out why drivers in Cleveland, Brooklyn Heights, and Lakewood, OH trust us to get them out of their old vehicles and into a new one!

Selling Your Vehicle Yourself Can Be a Hassle

When it’s time to get rid of your old vehicle, you have two options: you can either sell it yourself, or trade it in to a dealership like ours.

If you decide to sell your vehicle yourself, you’re in for a long journey. Getting rid of your old vehicle this way requires days or weeks of managing local ad posts, sifting through potential buyers, and scheduling test drives. Once you’ve chosen a buyer and negotiated a price, you’ll then have to deal with the paperwork. This often includes handling the title transfer and release of liability. If there’s a lien involved, you’ll also have to pay off your loan in order for the lienholder to release the title of your vehicle to the new buyer.

Trading Your Car in At Spitzer Kia is Fast and Easy

At our dealership, we make your Kia trade in as easy and hassle free as possible. You can start your journey by using our Value Your Trade tool that allows you to estimate your Kia’s trade in value. This online form is fast and easy to fill out, and allows you to get an estimate of your vehicle’s value.

If you’re happy with our estimation of your Kia’s trade in value, you can then schedule an appointment with our Trade-In Center. Here, our experts will verify the mileage and condition of your vehicle, and you can have cash for your car in less than an hour.

There’s So Many Benefits to Trading in at Spitzer Kia

At Spitzer Kia Cleveland, we don’t only make your Kia trade-in process easy, but we make it safe! Here are just a few of the many benefits to trading in your Kia at our dealership:

You’ll Enjoy a Competitive Offer
You don’t have to worry about getting lowballed on your Kia trade in. We’ll give you a competitive, no-haggle offer on your vehicle!

It’s Safe
When you come to our dealership, you’re not meeting with a random stranger like you would when you sell via private party. Here, you’ll meet with one of our highly-trained professionals that offer personalized customer service.

Don’t Worry About Your Lien
If you have a lien on your current vehicle, you don’t have to worry about paying it off. We’ll pay off your lien and we can roll your negative equity into the purchase or lease of a new Kia!

Trust Spitzer Kia to Get You In a New Car Today!

Once you’ve sold your old car, you’re going to need a new one! At Spitzer Kia Cleveland, we feature a wide range of Kia vehicles for you to choose from. From our selection of new, used, and certified pre-owned vehicles, to our outstanding monthly specials, there’s no better place in Cleveland, OH to handle your Kia trade in process.

Make your way down to Spitzer Kia Cleveland and enjoy a hassle free Kia trade in process today!

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