What is Wheel Alignment Service in Cleveland?

What is Wheel Alignment Service in Cleveland?

When to Get 4 Wheel Alignment

What is Wheel Alignment & When Does Your Car Need it?

The wheel alignment service in Cleveland ensures that all of your vehicle’s tires point in one direction. With a properly aligned vehicle, the tires can wear evenly and smoothly. However, wheel alignment can easily be thrown out of whack with any pothole or bump you hit. It can also change because of the tires you install or if parts of the suspension begin to wear.

At Spitzer Kia Cleveland, we recommend having a wheel alignment service in Cleveland every 6,000 miles. This can be done in conjunction with other maintenance services or as a standalone appointment. However, some vehicles will require more frequent 4-wheel alignment due to the type of car, the road conditions and the tires that are being used. You can have your alignment checked at any time if you think something doesn’t feel right.

What Happens During a 4-Wheel Alignment?

If you think your vehicle is suffering from poor alignment or you are noticing uneven wear to the tires, it’s time to have it checked. Wheel alignment service in Cleveland ensures that the vehicle drives straight and isn’t pulling to one side. During the alignment service, your vehicle gets put on our advanced rack.

We rotate the wheels and check the wheel balancing at the same time. Our advanced machinery shows our technicians how to adjust the wheels so they are aligned with each other and the surface of the road. We also examine the various steering and suspension parts to make sure everything is operating as it should.

The type of wheel alignment service in Cleveland that you receive depends on what type of car you drive. All-wheel drive vehicles and front-wheel drive models that feature an adjustable or independent suspension in the rear will require a 4 wheel alignment. Both of the axles must be aligned to ensure the wheels are in a rectangle formation and perpendicular to the road. Other vehicles may just require a front-end alignment where just the front wheels are adjusted.

Why Do Camber, Caster & Toe Angles Need Adjustment?

During wheel alignment service in Cleveland, three things are checked. The camber, toe and caster angles must all be adjusted for proper alignment. Only when all of these are adjusted will the steering wheel remain straight while driving down the road.

The camber is the outward or inward angle of the tire as viewed from the top of the car. If it is off, it is referred to as positive or negative camber. Worn-out ball joints or bearings can lead to camber issues.

The toe angle looked at during a wheel alignment service in Cleveland, is the angle seen from in front of the car. If the front or rear wheels are angled inward, this is known as a toe-in, while outward is toe-out. Whether there is a rear or front toe issue, an alignment is required.

Finally, the caster angle refers to the steering axis when looked at from the side of the car. Positive caster reveals that the steering axis tilts into the drive, while negative caster has it tilted to the front of the car.

Why Visit the Spitzer Kia Cleveland Service Center?

We know you have plenty of options when it comes time to choose a place for your wheel alignment service in Cleveland. However, the customer service at our dealership is unparalleled. Not only that, but we employ factory-trained technicians that understand every aspect of your Kia vehicle. Additionally, our service department is equipped with the latest machinery and equipment to get the job done right the first time.

We make scheduling your wheel alignment service in Cleveland even easier than ever before. You can make your next appointment online, at a time that’s convenient for you. Plus, we offer a variety of specials that are constantly changing, guaranteed to save you more on your next vehicle service appointment.

Take Advantage of SpitzerShield Protection

Not only do we offer the most comprehensive wheel alignment service in Cleveland, but our team also provides car buyers with Spitzer Shield. If you want to drive with fewer worries, this protection plan is designed just for you. This program offers a Nationwide Powertrain Warranty, along with a $1,000 Price Protection Guarantee for even more coverage.

We look forward to helping with all of your service and car buying needs in Cleveland, Ohio. Whether you need a 4 wheel alignment or you are looking for other service help, contact our team for support. At Spitzer Kia Cleveland, we are always ready to work for you.

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