How to Change a Flat Tire

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How to Change a Flat Tire

How Do I Change a Flat Tire on a Kia Vehicle?

Uh Oh…I Just Got a Flat Tire…What Do I Do?

Find yourself in the shoulder lane or on the side of the road after hitting a nail? Or you woke up to a flat tire blocking your drive to the office. Either way, you’ll need to get the issue solved fast—but do you have questions about how to change a flat tire? Not to worry, as we have a quick guide for you here. After your fix, schedule your Kia flat tire service at Spitzer Kia Cleveland in Cleveland, OH, to hit the road again with a repaired or a fresh new tire depending on what you need.

But First…How Do I Change a Flat Tire in Cleveland, OH

The situation might be stressful, but you’ll need to focus on the issue at hand, which involves changing a flat tire on your Kia vehicle. So, if you have a safe location and a few needed tools, you’re good to go. Simply pull over safely and turn on your hazard lights (if you’re not in a parking lot/garage). Next, engage your parking brake and put your wheel wedges in front and behind your tires to further prevent rolling (if in a bind, usually a brick or large stone can work too—anything strong enough to prevent your car from rolling off is good).

For replacing the tire, remove your hubcap with a wrench and loosen your lug nuts (don’t remove them yet). Next, jack up and raise your Kia model. Now, you’re safe to unscrew your lug nuts all the way. Follow up by gripping the tire and removing it from your vehicle—replace the flat with a spare tire and perform the steps above in reverse (tighten the lug nuts, lower your car, finish tightening lug nuts, install hub cap, check pressure). Next, take your cruiser to us to reinstall a new tire or fix your old tire alongside seeing if you need a rotation and alignment.

Don’t have the tools above? No problem—you can also call Kia Roadside Assistance at 1-800-333-4542 and select option 1—just let the operator know your VIN and a few basic details and help will be on its way.

Where Can I Take My Kia for Tire Service?

Whether you opt for Roadside Assistance or the DIY approach to a flat tire fix, you can’t drive long distances on a spare—so visit us at Spitzer Kia Cleveland, and we’ll finish the service for you. No need to worry about the tire size, as our factory-trained technicians know the necessary stock size for most Kia vehicles (and keep in mind Kia doesn’t recommend switching tire sizes). Also, for warranty information, you’ll need to contact your tire manufacturer.

For service, we recommend a tire rotation after replacing your flat tire, as this helps your tread wear evenly and will help prolong the life of your new tire. Also, we recommend a Kia flat tire kit in your car to help you in a bind the next time you get a flat tire.

Kia Tire Service Awaits: Start in Cleveland, OH

Don’t let a flat tire puncture your good times and plans—instead, schedule service at Spitzer Kia Cleveland to help ensure your vehicle is back to standard to safely hit the road again. While you’re here, your needs always rank first, whether you have questions about maintaining the tires on your Kia K5 or you’re curious about what services to get after a flat tire—it’s only getting started with how we step up as your Kia dealer near Cleveland, OH.

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