Fall Car Care

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Fall Car Care

Is Your Kia Vehicle Ready for Fall Weather?

The Beauty of Autumn Is here…And So Is Car Maintenance

Fall is finally here in full force with crisp mornings, beautiful new colors, and plenty of holiday adventures awaiting you. However, these weather changes also mean you’ll need to provide special maintenance for your vehicle—but where do you begin, and what services should you schedule? Stick with us today as we let you in on our fall car care tips to help your Kia vehicle run in peak performance for this chilly season. Also, schedule your Kia maintenance online at Spitzer Kia Cleveland near Garfield Heights, OH, to help your ride prep for the new season.

Warming Up to the New Season…and Inside Your Car

It’s no surprise fall mornings in Cleveland can feel downright cold and breezy—and you’ll need your motor to keep up, which is why you’ll want to top off your antifreeze levels. This special fluid regulates the temperatures in your powertrain, which helps you prevent freezing parts, helping make sure your engine starts in the morning when you push your start button (or turn your key on some models).

Also, no need for the snow and brisk air to put a stop to your adventures and commutes—schedule a windshield wiper replacement to help ensure you’re ready to wick away precipitation as it falls to help you enjoy full visibility on the go—and spot obstacles that are more common during the autumn months more easily, like deer and wildlife that can stroll onto the road when you leave the city streets. To further help you stay safe during your commutes, make sure your fog lights and headlights are working with full vibrancy.

Along with bringing visibility and convenience to your drives, you’ll also want to cruise with the peak comfort your Kia vehicle is known for, which is why you’ll want to check your climate systems. Not only do you want to ensure your heater can power on during ultra-chilled days but you’ll also want to check your luxury systems like heated seats to help you get cozy faster. Don’t forget, you’ll also need your heater to help with your defroster, which is almost mandatory for autumn mornings in Cleveland, OH.

Keeping on Schedule: Maintenance Still Matters

Don’t forget about your Kia maintenance basics this fall—start with an oil change every 7,500 miles to 10,000 miles to help keep the finer parts of your engine lubricated, assisting in prolonging your powertrain life and helping keep your motor from crumbling to the ground in the cold weather.

Next, how does your tire tread look? Whether you’re looking to launch with track-tiered finesse in your Kia Stinger or simply grip to the road and come to safe stops in your Sorento, you’ll need a healthy tread depth to help keep your rides safe and exhilarating. While you’re at it, have your brakes checked/replaced, including your rotors, calipers, and pads to help ensure you’re stopping at an optimal pace (and to assist in avoiding fender benders or hydroplaning into intersections).

One of the most critical forms of maintenance you can schedule this fall is a battery check. After all, the cold weather can cause your power source to drain up to 60% faster since the chilled temperatures mess with your battery’s chemical compositions. So, to help you avoid having a slow start (if your motor cranks at all) and help you avoid needing a jump start in a parking lot, have your battery checked today.

Where Fall Care Begins: Start in Cleveland, OH

Ready to help your ride hit the road in peak condition this autumn? Schedule your Kia maintenance at Spitzer Kia Cleveland near Lakewood, OH, today to help your vehicle dominate in the chilled temperatures with ease. While you’re here, we’ll also assist you in any way possible, whether you want to know more car maintenance tips for fall weather or you have questions.

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