Experience New Kia COnnect in CLeveland

August 13th, 2022 by

Experience New Kia COnnect in CLeveland

New Kia Connect Explained with Highlighted New Features

Kia Connect Improves Remote Features From Predecessor System of UVO

In a move to keep pace with the rapidly advancing technology that goes into the creation of its vehicles, Kia America has re-packaged and rebranded its in-car remote system. Originally called UVO link, the advanced system’s name has been changed to Kia Connect.

With such an increased reliance on connectivity, remote services and features, Kia went the extra mile with enhancements, added features and more overall reliability with the new Kia Connect.

In these next free sections, you’ll learn or just some of the many ways Kia Connect does a superior job of keeping you in the know, on the go. For much more information about Kia Connect or any of our products, services or automobiles, choose the dealership more drivers in Solon and Strongsville, Ohio better connect with, Spitzer Kia Cleveland.

Kia Connect Enhancements Include Map Over the Air, Stolen Vehicle Recovery

To better position Kia drivers for the automobile industry’s rapidly evolving electric and technology landscape, Kia Connect delivers the peace of mind Kia owners deserve.

Among the many perks of Kia Connect is the Map Over the Air (MOA) feature, first available with the model year 2022 Kia EV6. Similarly, the Connected Routing navigational feature improves distance accuracy, directions and arrival times based on real time traffic conditions.

The Stolen Vehicle Recovery feature is an ideal way to assist police by not only helping locate the vehicle through Kia Connect, but by also disabling the vehicle.

For more features enhanced upon or added with Kia Connect, check out the next section.

Additional Highlights of Kia Connect

With the shift to electric gaining such momentum, there’s few better ways to usher it in with something as forward-thinking as Kia Connect. In addition to navigation and stolen vehicle recovery programs, Kia Connect makes everything about the car life easier and more convenient.

Additional Kia Connect remote features at your fingertips on your IOS or Android phone or smartwatch, you can easily do everything from lock/unlock your doors, start/stop your engine and set climate control.

For those that may appreciate a gentle reminder that rear-seat occupants remain after getting out and locking your doors, the Rear Occupant Alert can be a big help. Even if that occupant happens to be your pet, Rear Occupant Alert will help ensure a safe and quick outcome.

While it’s certainly nice having the remote freedom to have Kia Connect on your phone or smartwatch, you aren’t limited to it there. Whether it’s to enjoy easily connected Apple CarPlay® or Android Auto™ services or get Kia Connect up and running via the Kia Connect activation screen, you can also use your infotainment touchscreen as the hub of all activity.

Kia Connect Cost, Plans and How to Activate Kia Connect

With all the conveniences and features as there are to Kia Connect, you may have a desire for more information about devices, your Kia vehicle or how to control the product’s services.

For starters, you need only download the Kia Access app to your smartphone from the App Store or get it on Google Play. From there, you will simply be prompted to connect, activate and verify. For any assistance, the expert team of technicians in our parts and service center would be more than happy to help.

Life’s greatest wish for many people is to have the world in the palm of their hands. Well, with Kia Connect, you have precisely that with regard to all things automotive. For information about a one-year free trial of Kia Connect for eligible buyers, visit the Kia dealership more Cleveland drivers opt for, Spitzer Kia Cleveland.

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