Spring Car Care Tips

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Spring Car Care Tips

Spring Car Care Tips: Pro Tips from Spitzer Kia Cleveland

Spring Into the New Season—with Car Maintenance

The new season is finally here—but with more sun comes new car care you’ll want to put into your vehicle’s service routine to help keep your cruises in peak condition. But are you curious about where to start? We’re here with the basics as your local Cleveland, OH, service center. Schedule your Kia maintenance today at the Spitzer Kia Cleveland service center to receive the spring maintenance car care your ride demands for the new season.

Fluid Drives Start with Fluid Top-Offs

Whether you drive a performance-driven Kia Stinger or an adventure-seeking Kia Telluride (or anything in between), you’ll need the proper fluid levels to help your vehicle get the job done with peak exhilaration. Start off by scheduling an oil change every 7,500 miles – 10,000 miles, where our technicians will supply you with the motor oil your powertrain demands to help you keep your engine cool when you push your performance limits while also helping prevent your engine from crumbling by mitigating the friction of metal parts scraping against each other as your motor powers through your rides.

On top of the oil change, don’t forget about checking your radiator fluids—after all, these are what further help your engine cool to assist you in avoiding an overheat at an inconvenient time on the side of the highway. Meanwhile, your power steering and brake fluid levels assist you in controlling your ride, whether you’re attacking corners or trying to stop without sliding through a traffic light. Don’t forget about your windshield wiper fluids—after all, the sap and pollen of the spring can make your windows difficult to see through—and you’ll want peak visibility for your commutes through Parma or your road trips to the other side of the state.

Replacements and Repairs: Part 2 of Your Maintenance

After you get your fluids topped off you’ll also need to ensure your vehicle is running properly after a breezy winter. Begin by getting your battery checked, as cold weather can damage your power source—and you won’t want to miss a day of work or an important event because your motor won’t crank—so, let our technicians take a look and recharge/replace your battery if needed.

Next, double-check your tire tread—you can even do this trick at home for a penny—just pull out your copper coin, insert it head-first in your tire grooves, and see if you can view the top of Lincoln’s head. If so, it’s time for a new set of tires to help you avoid hydroplaning into the bumper ahead on a rainy road. Also, in case the unfortunate happens, you’ll want an emergency kit to supply you with the basics you’ll need—again, we can supply you with all of the above as part of your Kia spring maintenance.

Safety for the Season: Start in Cleveland, OH

Ready to help your ride run in premium condition for the spring? Schedule your Kia maintenance in Cleveland at Spitzer Kia Cleveland, your local service department near Lakewood. While you’re here, we’ll always put your first whether you’re concerned about your belts and hoses or want basic car care advice (we’re always happy to let you know maintenance tips for Kia vehicles)—it’s only getting started with how we assist.

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