Summer Car Care FAQ

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Summer Car Care FAQ

Summer Car Care FAQ

Take Care of Your Kia During the Summer

Every vehicle needs routine maintenance to continue to run smoothly. At Spitzer Kia Cleveland near Independence, our service technicians are ready to help you with summer car care tips and routine Kia maintenance. Our service team is ready to answer general service questions and summer car maintenance questions about your Kia vehicle.

Why does my Kia need summer maintenance?

The heat and humidity of Ohio summers can wreak havoc on engine and driveline components. The friction and stress can cause excessive wear and tear on belts, tires, and hoses. If you haven’t changed your vehicle’s air filters, you could unintentionally be blowing unhealthy air into your cabin when you drive with the air condition on and the windows up. Scheduling a summer inspection gives you a good idea of what your Kia needs to run easily all summer long.

How often does my Kia vehicle need oil changes?

In the past, most vehicles needed oil changes every 3,000 miles or once per season. Now, high-tech Kia vehicles need oil changes between 7,500 and 10,000 miles or at least once every six months. Your owner’s manual gives recommendations for oil change intervals, and the service advisors at Spitzer Kia Cleveland can help you plan for your next oil change based on your driving habits.

How do I know when to get new brakes?

Summer is a great time to have your brakes evaluated by the technicians at Spitzer Kia Cleveland. They can check the wear on your brake pads and inspect the rotors and calipers. If your Kia squeaks, grinds, or groans when stopping, it could be telling you it’s time for new brake pads. If it takes your car longer to come to a complete stop, it’s important to have your brakes inspected.

What are OEM parts?

OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer’s parts come from the same factories that make your Kia’s original parts. They are built to precise measurements to fit like the original parts. When you visit Spitzer Kia Cleveland, our technicians use OEM parts to keep your Kia running smoothly. If you work on your Kia, you’ll want to use OEM parts to keep the manufacturer’s warranty valid.

Choose the Kia Service Center at the Dealership Near Parma, Ohio

Spitzer Kia Cleveland is the best place for Kia service in Cleveland, Ohio. Our factory-trained and certified technicians understand the technology and engineering under the hood and in the cabin. We invite you to browse our website to learn about our latest money-saving service specials. For added convenience, we offer online service scheduling.

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