Winter Car Care Tips

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Winter Car Care Tips

Preparing Your Car for Winter

Your Resource for Winter Kia Maintenance

At Spitzer Kia Cleveland, we take pride in offering premium auto repairs for all makes and models at our high-end Kia service center in Cleveland, OH. Our certified technicians go above and beyond to offer premium customer service and thorough auto repairs while also outlining winter car care tips. Preparing your car for winter is easy when working with the team at our Kia dealership in Cleveland, OH.

Contact us today or schedule Kia maintenance online to learn more about winter car care tips that can help you sail into the winter season with ease.

The Importance of Routine Kia Maintenance

Why is Kia maintenance important, especially when the winter months are approaching? Primarily, cold temperatures and snow and ice can add more pressure to your winter tires and your vehicle as a whole. During Kia maintenance, our certified technicians will inspect the tire pressure and evaluate the condition of your tires. If necessary, we may recommend snow tires or all-season tires to make winter driving safer.

In addition to checking your tire pressure, during Kia maintenance, the team at our Kia dealership in Cleveland, OH, will perform a tire rotation, check your fluids, including the washer fluid, and perform an oil change. We also check the condition of your windshield wiper blades and car battery so that you’re prepared for winter conditions.

Gain More Winter Car Care Tips

In between service visits, when cold weather arrives, it’s important to know how to prepare your car for winter. The team at our Kia service center in Cleveland, OH, is happy to help with winter car care tips.

  • Check All Lights: Visibility can be low when snow and ice arrive. That’s why we recommend checking the strength of your headlights and taillights and replacing bulbs as needed.
  • Inspect Battery Charge: Finding yourself stranded with a dead battery can be dangerous. Although our team will check the condition of your charge during Kia maintenance, it’s important to make sure you don’t have any corrosion around the terminals.
  • Top Off Fluids: In addition to making sure your washer fluid is full, also check the coolant levels when cold temperatures begin to arrive.
  • Keep Your Gas Tank Full: Prevent water from freezing in your gas tank when preparing your car for winter. The best way to do this is to make sure you have at least a half tank at all times.
  • Create an Emergency Kit: Prepare for the worst by packing essentials. Create an emergency kit that includes first-aid materials, blankets, bottled water, a flashlight and non-perishable snacks.

Schedule Winter Kia Maintenance Online

Preparing your car for winter includes scheduling Kia maintenance at our Kia dealership in Cleveland, OH. Our team is eager to offer even more winter car care tips and help you save with our monthly service offers . Contact us today or schedule service online.

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